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Ongoing Writing Workshops


Creative Writing Workshops
These three-hour workshops are offered weekly. Writing sessions begin with a stimulus designed to provoke the senses and evoke memories. After each exercise, those who wish to share read what they have written aloud to the group. Members say what they liked, what moved them or stayed with them. This model has the great merit of developing each writer's unique
voice.  These workshops are donation-based.

Publication Workshops
The publication workshop will  discuss the process of submitting work to magazines, anthologies, contests and publishing houses. Each writer will finish the workshop with a minimum of ten envelopes full of query letters and manuscripts for publication.  The only requirement is that each writer has AT LEAST ONE piece of work they would like to get published.

Peer Critique Workshops 
During each session, two to three writers will have their work on the table for critique. Work to be critiqued will be due to the group no less than three weeks before the actual session. Depending on the size of the group, members will be asked to commit to sufficient sessions such that all members have the attention of the group. 
For example, a six-member group would require a two- or three-session commitment.

Performance Workshops
Writers who wish to compete in poetry slams, or participate in open mike readings and panels and other live, spoken word venues will strengthen their performative and public speaking skills. Participants will be given videotapes of their and each other's performance for take-home study and practice. Participants will explore and develop skills in the following topics through in-class performative exercises and facilitated group discussion: finding venues, timing your work, memorization vs. from the page, body language, developing a persona, after-reading audience interaction, editing as you read, use of voice (projection, enunciation, and emoting), dealing with microphones, and looking at the audience.

Craft Workshops 
Workshops will focus on specific craft-oriented issues such as: discovering voice, unearthing themes, and structuring a novel.  Working from pre-submitted manuscripts, instructors develop intensive and personalized homework, reading materials and in-class writing exercises.

Contact:  toni@writeherewritenow.org