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Regan Humphrey is a nonbinary writer, psychologist, filmmaker, educator, and writing coach. She is the founder of Write Here, Write Now (WHWN), an online group coaching space for creative writers struggling to start, write, and finish the book(s) of their dreams.

WHWN was born from Regan's work with writers of all backgrounds in creative and academic settings, her own personal creative pursuits, and WriCo—a creative psychology and consulting firm for writers and other artists, in need of counseling at the intersection of art and mental health, which she founded in 2019.

In addition to her work with book writers, Regan also teaches and mentors screenwriters. In 2022, she launched the Regan Film Institute (RFI), an online, international screenwriting conservatory for emergent storytellers. RFI, in some ways, is an expansion of Regan's work as a film critic.

In 2020, she invented of the REFscore, the first and only scoring system to rate films on craft and social justice. Regan was hardly the first to notice that too often, films lauded as “good movies” contributed, in substantial ways, to the systemic oppression of marginalized people. Working to create a healthier and more inclusive film industry, she invented the score to highlight cinematic disparity.

Combining her strengths as an interdisciplinary scholar, human psychologist, film critic, and writing professor, she founded RFI to help guide the next generation of cinematic storytellers. Better films for all is at the heart of her teaching practice.

In 2023, RFI will host the first annual Disrupt Industry Screenwriting Conference, a gathering of industry disrupters and creative professionals meant to celebrate storytellers of all backgrounds and highlight the kind of storytelling our world needs right now.

Before her work as an educator and coach in the writing space, Regan worked in the world of literary publishing. She worked as Blog and a Content Director, a Managing Editor, and eventually Editor-in-Chief of Lunch Ticket Magazine. During her time at the helm of Lunch Ticket, she helped mastermind Midnight Snack, an everything-goes column dedicated to our late night obsessions.

Regan is a multi-hyphenate creative. Her artistry spans form and genre, and as a writer, she feels propelled to create lasting change through her work by creating stories that include and challenge us, offer healing, and open the way for connection with each other and our innermost selves. She helps others do the same. Her art is her activism.

Regan’s publications include numerous film reviews, interviews, personal essays, and articles. Check out some of her publications below:

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Though Regan writes extensively across genre and medium, she is a novelist first and foremost.

Justice & Liberty, her first contemporary YA novel, debuts in April of 2024.

She holds an MFA in Creative Writing and a Masters in Applied Psychology from Antioch University and undergraduate degrees in Creative Arts, Writing & Performance and Cross-Cultural Relations from Bard College.

Regan was born and raised in the United States. She’s lived on both the east and west coasts. Abroad, Regan has lived in China, South Korea, Scotland, and Peru. Regan is currently based in Lisbon, Portugal.


What people say about working with Regan

A. Yusef

"Patience. Knowledge. Kindness. Those three words pretty much sum up what's so great about working with Regan."

E. Maxwell

"Regan was GREAT! She understood how I was confused and helped break down the writing process for me. She really clarified things for me. She helped me realize I was on the wrong track in writing my memoir. Now, I know exactly what I'm doing, and the words are coming out so much better than before. Phew!"

S. Margwaza

"Regan went over all of my exercise worksheets thoroughly, every time. She also made me feel I did a great job which definitely boosted my confidence!"

B. Raffanti

"The clarity and organization she brought to this process were incredible—Her ability to help me sort through my own creative chaos and also model how to do it, so that I can use these skills as I work on my next book."

J. Paxton

"I've worked with Regan outside of Write Here Write Now for several years. During that time, I've found Regan to be extremely competent, caring, and patient in her work with writers of all backgrounds, from English Language Learners to adult students to new college graduates."

S. Davis

"Regan brought a kindness and clarity to all of her coaching sessions, which I really, really appreciated."

M. Chia

"Regan’s work as a writing coach was both effective and encouraging, and I saw how lots of clients made progress in their competence and confidence through regular work with her."

G. Wekstein

"My favorite thing about working with Regan was her knowledge of the writing process and her ability to direct me on the components I missed, whenever I got lost."

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