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Welcome to Write Here Write Now, an online group coaching space for creative writers struggling to start, write, and finish the book(s) of their dreams.

Founded by Regan Humphrey, a writer, psychologist, educator and writing coach of 6+ years, Write Here Write Now serves dedicated writers with a passion for story who struggle when it comes to getting that story on the page.

WHWN started in 2019 as WriCo —a creative psychology and consulting firm for writers and other artists, in need of counseling at the intersection of art and mental health—and has since transformed into an online support space, tailored for writers of every level and background.

The process of writing a book is huge undertaking, one that sometimes feels next to impossible to complete. We're here to help, from page 1 all the way to the end.

At Write Here, Write Now, we believe that writing starts with finding your flow and harnessing it. We have the tools, resources, knowledge, and experience to help you do just that.

Regan Humphrey, MFT, MFA

Writer · Writing Coach · Psychologist


What people say about working with Regan

A. Yusef

"Patience. Knowledge. Kindness. Those three words pretty much sum up what's so great about working with Regan."

E. Maxwell

"Regan was GREAT! She understood how I was confused and helped break down the writing process for me. She really clarified things for me. She helped me realize I was on the wrong track in writing my memoir. Now, I know exactly what I'm doing, and the words are coming out so much better than before. Phew!"

S. Margwaza

"Regan went over all of my exercise worksheets thoroughly, every time. She also made me feel I did a great job which definitely boosted my confidence!"

B. Raffanti

"The clarity and organization she brought to this process were incredible—Her ability to help me sort through my own creative chaos and also model how to do it, so that I can use these skills as I work on my next book."

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